Since 1996,

we work hand in hand

and also

very like to together.

Benefit from

perfectly rehearsed

Procedures in the treatment, management and


with us in practice.


After successful studies in dentistry at the University of Hamburg from 1984-1989, in 1990 I recieved the license to practise medicine / dentistry. I settled here in Puerto de la Cruz on my own, newly founded practice in late 2007. Previously, I had ...

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In my many years of work I have dealt particularly with the preservation of teeth, because I am of the opinion that the patient's own tooth is always the "better" tooth.

My treatment focus is tooth preservation. These include ...

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From 1992-1995 I completed the education for dental assistants.

Since 1996 I have been working in the first assistant, and later  also in the administration in the practice of my husband in Hamburg.

An intensive training for prophylaxis in dental assistant, I graduated from Hamburg Medical Association in 1998. Especially this area of expertise is my favorite ...

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