1. pleasant air-conditioned treatment rooms and waiting room

  2. Lift (practice is located on the 1st floor)

  3. The waiting times are limited by our organized ordering system to a minimum ...

  4. We regularly attend on-the-job training (Congress of Dentists)

  5. wheelchair access into practice

  6. digital radiography (the X-ray photograph we can be forwarded to your home-dentist or to your privat e-mail) 

  7. intraoral camera is a digital photo shoot of your teeth so that you understand what is going on with you in the mouth

  8. latest equipment and instruments for optimal treatment

  9. Invoice, Cost estimate / treatment plan in English

  10. Card payment


Practice Hours are:

Monday - Friday: from 9 to 13 clock,

Afternoon: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

by appointment

In cases pain - what to do?

Please arrange also in pain cases a short-term appointment,

in order to avoid to unnecessary waiting times for all. 

We will treat you on the same day.

Dental Practice-TEL.: (+34) 922 38 92 53

We prefer the personal and / or telephone appointments!

Please, no appointment by mail!