My DENTAL CLINIC BOTANICO is modern and hygienic established up to date. I have "only " one treatment room, so I can give my full attention to each patient.

Here you will find the latest tools and the latest devices that exist on the dental market, so that an optimum and gentle treatment can be carried out. Of course we conform to the latest EU hygienic requirements.


DENTAL CLINIC philosophy

DENTAL CLINIC philosophy 

In my many years of profession, I was particularly concerned with the tooth preservation, because in my opinion your own tooth always is the "better"tooth.

My focus is the conservation of teeth. This includes: check-ups and scaling, education on prevention and counseling for the treatment of dental disease, high-quality fillings under extremely gentle on the tooth, root canal treatments, gum treatments, dentures (all types of care from a simple inlay - ceramic or gold - to elaborate restorations on implants) the normal dental surgery, as well as the treatment of temporomandibular disorders. And of course, the dental prophylaxis is a very important area. I

Music in the practice, views of Mount Teide from the waiting room (if not embedded in clouds) make the "dentist" pleasant. My practice has wheelchair and disabled access.