Presentation of the practice - Photos

Modern treatment rooms - technically and hygienically up to date - latest Instruments and latest devices - optimum and gentle treatment.

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Dental Surgery - Presentation

Practice Philosophy

In my many years of work I have dealt particularly with the preservation of teeth, because I am of the opinion that the patient's own tooth is always the "better" tooth.

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Practice Hours: Mon-Fri: 9-13 clock by appointment

In cases pain - what to do?

Please arrange - also in pain cases - a short-term appointment in order to avoid to unnecessary waiting times for all.

We will treat you on the same day.

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Practice team

Since 1996 we work hand in hand and also very gladly together

Benefit from best rehearsed procedures for treatment, management and organization in our practice.

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PRACTICE-TEL: (+34) 922 - 38 92 53

Avda. Marqués de Villanueva del Prado 17, La Paz

about the Caja Canarias / Caixa, 1st Floor

38400 Puerto de la Cruz / Teneriffa

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